Why not just scan my own photos or documents?

First off it is summer time. Who wants to be cooped up in their house scanning photos and documents all night or even all weekend long. Enjoy your summer vacation at the beach, at the cabin or just relaxing outside with the children.                   Lets say you Read more about Why not just scan my own photos or documents?[…]

M-Disc DVD

Have you heard of M-Disc DVD? Likely not. We are the only photo, document scanning business to offer this revolutionary new DVD. What is so special about M-Disc DVD anyways? M-Disc DVD has been tested to last over 1000 years. Your typical DVD lasts only around 8 years. You may ask why would I want Read more about M-Disc DVD[…]

Photos deteriorate everyday

Everyday your photos are deteriorating everyday. Sitting in your box or albums your photos are fading, and eventually turning to dust! Have us digitized your photos before it’s too late! Pricing starts at 0.45 per photo. We offer M-Disc DVD. A new DVD that will preserve your photos or documents for at least 1 thousand Read more about Photos deteriorate everyday[…]