Some of you may be wondering why JW Digital Archiving of Regina has chosen M-Disc DVD as an upgrade to standard DVDs. To start M-Disc DVDs are made with a rock-like layer unlike conventional DVDs that just use a dye layer. M-Discs have gone through Military testing to show how durable they are. Millenniata, Inc the makers of the M-Disc states that the M-Disc can last at least 1000 years! That is a long time! Long enough to be around for when DVD becomes extinct and a new format is introduced allowing you to transfer your M-Disc DVD to the new format without worry of data loss or quality loss.

Here are some tests done by Millenniata, Inc to show how strong their M-Disc DVDs are.

First up is a Millenniata, Inc cooking their M-Disc in some Lasagna:

Second up is Millenniata, Inc dipping their M-Disc in liquid nitrogen at -180 celsius then dipping it in almost boiling water of 80 degree celsius.

DVD versus M-Disc DVD
DVD versus M-Disc DVD


You can add a M-Disc DVD to your Photo Scanning order, Document Scanning Order, or even your VHS to DVD order for an additional $15. Only at JW Digital Archiving Regina Saskatchewan.

At JW Digital Archiving it is our job to preserve your memories for centuries.

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