Video transfer pricing

Video Transfer Price
Video Tape to DVD or Digital file Just $20 per hour.
Minimum 1 hour charge.
Video Tape to Blu-Ray Just $25 per hour.
Minimum 1 hour charge.
PAL Mini DV, Digital 8 to DVD, Digital Just $30 per hour. 1 hour minimum charge per tape.

Hand Scanning

Archival Photo Scanning300 DPI 600 DPI1200 DPIDPI = Dots Per Inch
Price if photos are in an album $2.00$2.50$3.50
Above 8x10 to 11x 17
Including line art, drawings, and mixed media.

Bulk High-speed photo scanning

Bulk Photo Scanning: Resolution: 300 DPI front and back600 DPI front and back
0.35 per photo0.50 per photo

Disc Duplication Pricing

Disc Type Price
Minimum 10 including DVD case and front cover
Discs on spindle minimum 50
CD 700 MB$10 each$2,50 each
DVD 4.7 GB$10 each$3.50 each
DVD 8.5 GB$12.50 each$5.00 each
Blu-ray 25 GB$15 each$7.50 each
Blu-ray 50 GB$20 each $12.50 each

Media Pricing

32 GB USB Flash Drive$20
64 GB USB Flash Drive$35
128 GB USB Flash Drive $50
256 GB USB Flash Drive$75
2 Terabyte USB Hard Drive $145

If you bring your own they must be new 32 GB of larger USB 3.0

Slides and Negative scanning

Just $1.50 per frame for 35mm slides and negatives. Oversized negatives start at $2.50.