8mm and Super 8 film transfer. No sound is captured.

Safe sprocket free transfers , high resolution 2K, frame by frame using professional equipment. 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm coming soon! We will be able to capture audio from 16mm films with optical audio!

Our team of experts will carefully handle and scan your film, giving you a digital version that you can watch on any device. Don’t let your memories fade away, let us help you preserve them for a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more!”

8mm and Super 8 scanned in 2K resolution

.30 cents a foot, minimum $20 per reel. 3 inch reels are 50, 5 inch reels are 200 feet, 7 inch reels are 400 feet. Bulk pricing for larger jobs please do inquire.

16mm reels scanned in 2K resolution

.35 per foot minimum $20 per job.

.mp4, .mov, jpeg sequence, or tiff sequence. Do note a .tiff sequence is very large we suggest an external hard drive for anyone wanting a .tiff sequence.

We remove dust and as much noise as we can after the film has been scanned. We do not scan moldy, excessively damaged or excessively dirty film reels.

We recommend digital file and or Blu-ray. Here is a sample of an 8mm film we digitized.

Schedule local pickup here in Regina for free pickup with orders of $250 or more; otherwise, a $10 pickup and drop-off fee will apply.

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If you have been referred from a family or friend please enter the code here. If your order is $100 or greater we will deduct $10 off of your order!