November 10, 2015

VHS to DVD transfer service

Saskatchewan's VHS to DVD transfer headquarters in Regina, Saskatchewan

VHS to DVD regina


Let our experts transfer your precious home movies before they are lost forever. We only use the best cables that are shielded and gold-plated to make sure you get the best possible video and audio. We only use the best media (DVDs, M-Disc DVD and Blu-Ray guaranteed). We support VHS, S-VHS, Video-8 cassettes, HI-8, Digital 8, HDV (HD-Mini DV), Mini-DV, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Mini DVD, SD card, Micro-SD, Compact Flash. We specialize in the most popular VHS formats, therefore, giving you the best possible transfer.

Video TransferDescriptionPrice
VHS to DVDVHS tape$15 for the first hour. 0.25 per minute after first hour.
Add OnsExtra DVDs$10 Each
Blu-Ray$10 Each
16 GB USB Drive$20 Each
M-Disc DVD (1000 year life)$15 Each

We do not charge per tape, but instead per hour of footage. We charge $15 per hour of transfer after the first hour you will be billed per minute of transfered video.

What makes us the best choice for your Video Transfers?

✓ We do not use an automated VHS to DVD machine we hand transfer your VHS tapes with professional equipment.

✓ We use equipment to fix video errors, even if your tape won’t play back on your VCR it likely will on ours.

✓ We Professionally clean our VCRs to keep them running perfectly while also giving great playback quality.

✓ We edit out blank space from your VHS tapes.

✓ We can add photographs to your VHS to Digital transfer.

✓ A custom cover on your DVD case.

✓ Professional quality DVD cases the same ones as movie studios use.

✓  Great customer service.

We can repair your VHS tapes before transfer.

We can repair VHS, SVHS (S-VHS, Super VHS) tapes.

  • Damaged or broken shells.
  • Tangled or damaged tape sections.
  • Tapes that are broken or missing any parts making them impossible to play.
  • Time Base errors.

The cost to fix a broken tape is $20.

VHS to DVD regina

You can choose to have the video transferred to:

DVD each extra copy is $10.00

M-Disc DVD (1000 Year life) $15

Blu-ray disc $10 for each copy

16 GB USB 3.0 Drive $20 for viewing on TVs, uploading to YouTube and more the file format will be .mov.

1 Terabyte hard drive $135

We can output your video into the following formats. AVI, H.264, MOV, uncompressed 8- bit and 10 bit Apple Pro-Res. *Apple Pro-Res will require you to bring an external hard drive or purchase a 1 Terabyte hard drive from us for $135

Call or Text Us: 306 539 5590 Email us: to discuss transferring your home videos, wedding video, and more to a digital format today!

We can also convert non-copyright protected DVDs to video files for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more just $25 per transfer. We can also convert Pal DVDs to NTSC for $25 each.


Do you have video on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phone or tablet? We can transfer those to Blu-ray for $25 per hour of video.

Phone video transfer Regina