January 6, 2018

Document Scanning Regina

Find your documents quickly saving you time and money.

Saskatchewan’s Document Scanning in Regina, Saskatchewan

Why have your documents scanned?

With your employees working from home, having instant access to scanned documents makes life easier while saving money and time. Scanned documents are safe from theft, fire, deterioration, or misplacement. Preserve older documents, save space in your office, share documents with your whole team when needed.

You can make an appointment to drop off your documents, or we can arrange to pick them up. Every document scanning job is unique, like you. Therefore, give us a call or send us an email for an estimate.

We will work with you one on one to make sure we give you the best quality and service in Regina!

Three steps to make document scanning easier. If you do not have time, our professionals can prep your documents for you.

Remove any staples, bindings such as paper clips

Move sticky notes to a clean area on the document that is not covering text or on a separate paper

Remove documents from binders

Large format document scanning up to 42 inches wide colour or black and white. Great for maps, GIS, architectural drawings, blueprints and more. Great service for engineering firms, oil and gas, architecture firms, government, small and large business.

Some of our happy clients