January 6, 2018

Document Scanning Regina

Saskatchewan's Document Scanning in Regina, Saskatchewan

Document Scanning Regina

We specialize in document scanning for smaller jobs overnight or within 1 to 2 weeks.

Test us out before committing! 5 free large format document scans or 25 8.5×11 scans.

Why have your documents scanned?

When your documents are scanned they are safe from theft, fire, deterioration or misplacement.

We scan your documents in Multi.PDF, .Multi-tiff. We also offer OCR processing to convert your documents to text-searchable PDFs (0.10 per page add-on).

Home users can also benefit from document scanning. Save space in your home, go green, and save your documents for up to 1000 years with M-Disc DVD.

We suggest you place your documents in folders, therefore, when we scan your documents we can organize them on your DVD, USB Flash drive, Hard Drive, Blu-ray disc, Cloud storage for easy downloads and access, M-Disc DVD.

All employees at JW Digital Archiving are bondable, and confidential your documents are safe with us.

How to make the documents scanning process easier.

  • Remove staples before hand.
  • Remove bindings.
  • Move sticky notes to a clean area on the document not covering text.
  • Tape over tears in the documents.
  • Remove elastic bands.
  • Remove paper clips.
  • Remove binder clamps.
  • Remove documents from binders.
Black and WhiteDocument SizeUp to 300 DPIUp to 400 DPIUp to 600 DPI
Letter / Legal / A4 (up to 8½" x 14")
A3 / up to 11x170.250.350.45
GrayscaleDocument SizeUp to 300 DPIUp to 400 DPIUp to 600 DPI
Letter / Legal / A4 (up to 8½" x 14")
A3 / up to 11x170.300.400.55
Document Size
Up to 300 DPIUp to 400 DPIUp to 600 DPI
Letter / Legal / A4 (up to 8½" x 14")
A3 / up to 11x17

Large format document scanning up to 42 inches wide colour or black and white. Great for maps, GIS, architectural drawings, blueprints and more. Great service for engineering firms, oil and gas, architecture firms, government, small and large business.

Black and White up to 42 inchesColour up to 42 inchesResolution 300 DPI