From loose photos to photo albums we have the experience to preserve your photos.

With years experience handling 100+year-old photographs you are guaranteed the best photo scanning service nationwide. 

Hand Scanning for the best quality

Hand photo scanning regina
All photos scanned by hand using archival-grade scanners.

Our hand scanning is a premium service we offer 300 dpi up to 1200 dpi. Better quality than anyone’s bulk scanning service. We do not run your photographs through a machine, instead we scan by hand!


Hand Photo Scanning300 DPI 600 DPI1200 DPIDPI = Dots Per Inch
Price in Album $2.00$2.50$3.50
Above 8x10 to 11x 17
Including line art, drawings, and mixed media.

We can scan photos that are in photo albums, as well as photographs in picture frames!

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New scanner rental.

DIY high-speed photo scanner rental.Includes Epson high-speed photo scanner, Epson flat bed photo scanner, as well as a laptop. Scan thousands of photos over 1 week. On average you can easily scan 7000+ photos. We will bring the scanner to you and show you how to use the scanner. Rental is for 1 week down deposit will be required

Just need the high-speed scanner and laptop the rental will be $300, if you require the flatbed as well then $350 for both for 1 week.