February 13, 2015

Photo Scanning

Archival grade hand scanning.

With years experience handling 100+year-old photographs you are guaranteed the best photo scanning service nationwide.  Preserve your photographic memories while making them easier than ever to share with family and friends.

We offer two levels of photo scanning. One is bulk photo scanning, where we use modern photo scanners to scan through stacks of photos at a faster pace, saving us time and you money. For the best quality scans, we offer our archival photo scanning service. Our archival photo scanning uses high-end professional flat-bed scanners to offer the most detail out of your old photographs. This service is perfect for older photographs that are fragile as well. 

Pricing starts at 0.40 per photograph for bulk high-speed scanning and $1.00 for hand scanning. Contact us for a estimation. For bulk photo scanning the photographs cannot have sticky backs, tears and must be 2×2 up to 8×10.

We can scan full album pages preserving the original album state.