Do you transfer Beta, BetaMax tapes?

Unfortunately we do not support Beta or BetaMax tapes.

Do you transfer super8, 8mm movie film?

Unfortunately we do not support super8, 8mm film.

Do you send photos and documents overseas for Scanning?

All scanning and work are done here in Regina by our professional technicians. We will never send your photos or documents away, security and privacy are important to us.

How long will it take me to get my Photographs and or Documents back?

Generally, your photographs and or documents will be back within one to two weeks.

What is DPI (Dots Per Inch)?

DPI or Dots Per Inch is how many dots per inch is used to make your photograph. Most photographs are printed in 300 dots per inch, therefore, scanning your photographs at 300 DPI will give you a 1:1 copy of your photograph. Scanning at 600 Dots Per Inch doubles the physical size of your digital photo allowing you to easily make enlargements while keeping quality.


  1. Good day.
    I have a few camcorder tapes I would like to get transferred to DVD so we can watch them again. Do you do these transfers? Where are you located?

  2. JW Digital Archiving

    Hello yes we transfer all camcorder tapes. We are located in Regina.

    You can call me at 306 539 5590.

  3. Some time ago I had a technician at the westcoast transfer from VHS to DVD. I never checked the result until recently and it’s a mess. The audio doesn’t match the video and the video is all mixed up. Unfortunately I no longer have the VHS tape I now live in Regina. Is there anything that can be done to fix this, or could you take a look at it?

  4. JW Digital Archiving

    Unfortunately probably cannot do anything without the original VHS, you can email me at [email protected] to arrange a drop off of your DVD.

  5. Hello! Going through old family photos, wondering approximate cost to digitize 250 pics. Would love 3 copies when you are finished.

    Thank you

  6. JW Digital Archiving

    Hello depends on the overall shape of your old family photos. Do they have any tears, rips, sticky backs? Are they in albums? Would you prefer them to be hand scanned on a flat bed or would you be okay with them going through an automatic photo scanner? You can call me at 639 997 6141 today after 12 or email [email protected] as well.

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