October 7, 2016

Ship to Us

Shipping to us

We only accept VHS tapes as well as cassette tapes to be shipped to us. To proceed download our order form here and fill it out please mail your order form with your VHS tapes, and Audio cassettes. If you are shipping from the United States please ship with USPS.

Order Form

Shipping your VHS tapes, Audio Cassettes to us:

VHS tapes, audio cassettes in a box with newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them in transit.

Our Address

JW Digital Archiving

30 Rendek Crescent

Regina, Saskatchewan


Returning your finished order

We will mail VHS tapes, Audio cassettes back to you with a copy of your CD, DVD, M-disc DVD, or Blu-Ray . There is a flat rate of $40 for shipping your order back.

If you have any questions email us at info@digitalarchiving.ca or call 306 539 5590.