Learn what is new at JW Digital Archiving this September

In order to make it easier for you the customer to figure out pricing for scanning photos we have changed our fee of $20 an hour to a flat rate for scanning photos in albums.

Hand Photo Scanning600 DPI1200 DPI2400 DPIDPI = Dots Per Inch
Price in Album$2.50$3.50$5.00
Oversized Photo Scanning
Above 8x10 to 11x 17
Including line art, drawings, and mixed media.

We have recently added HDV video transfer to our VHS transfer service. The price will still be $25 for up to 2 hours. Click here to learn more about our VHS transfer service.

We have also started selling M-Disc DVDs for home use. For $15 you get a M-Disc DVD with a standard DVD case our DVD cases are the same ones movie studios use. M-Disc DVDs are rated to last up to 1000 years (claim backed by the US Military and Nasa testing). Click here to visit our online store.

M-Disc DVD is trusted by the customers below:


Have any questions feel free to email me at info@digitalarchiving.ca or give us a call or text at 306 539 5590.

Justin – JW Digital Archiving of Regina