Here are some great tips for preparing your photos or documents before bringing them down so that there are no additional fees:


  • Please remove all staples, tape, glue or anything that would affect the photo or document for scanning, otherwise, it will be an additional fee. (If you request us to remove tape, staples or anything that could damage a photo or document we are not liable for possible damages.)
  • Please ensure that all photos are taken out of the albums and are free from any pet hair or sticky residue.
    Please note that when removing photos from albums, that some magnetic/adhesive albums
    may sometimes leave residue on the back of photos.
  • Photos or documents that are damaged, bent noticeably , ripped, or in poor condition will have to be scanned with our more advanced machine, and an additional fee of 0.30 will apply
  • Photos cannot be smaller than 2×3 inches (wallet sized) and no larger than 8×12.
  • We recommend you clean your photos with a dry clean cloth to get rid of any dust or fingerprints as our machines are sensitive and will pick up anything noticeable.

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