Now offering Blu-Ray discs

JW Digital Archiving is now offering Blu-ray discs alongside our regular dvd, M-Disc DVD, USB Thumb Drives.  As you can see Blu-Ray discs last longer than conventional hard drives, DVDs, and flash drives. Blu-ray’s have a life span of up to 20 years while our M-Disc DVD has a life span of 1000 years. Extra-tough coating Read more about Now offering Blu-Ray discs[…]

Your home videos are deteriorating every day

You may believe that your tapes in storage of your precious memories such as your wedding, your grad, tour children’s grad… are safe from degrading. Sadly that is not the truth. Magnetic tapes like VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Mini-DV are slowly loosing quality the longer they sit. Here is an example of a tape of ours Read more about Your home videos are deteriorating every day[…]