Now offering Blu-Ray discs

JW Digital Archiving is now offering Blu-ray discs alongside our regular dvd, M-Disc DVD, USB Thumb Drives.  As you can see Blu-Ray discs last longer than conventional hard drives, DVDs, and flash drives. Blu-ray’s have a life span of up to 20 years while our M-Disc DVD has a life span of 1000 years.

Extra-tough coating protects the disc – Blu-ray discs have a cover layer of unrivalled toughness and uniformity, protecting the discs vital recording layers. Blu-ray discs are far superior to standard CDs and DVDs.

Preserve your valuable data on Blu-ray – Reliable qualified media ensures you data will be preserved.

Stable inorganic coding layers further insure reliability – The recording layers are made from highly stable inorganic layers that are unaffected by exposure to light, ensuring longevity of the disc. This type of inorganic recording layer is a significant improvement over the organic layers presently used in recordable CD and DVD discs and delivers more stable durability and longer disc life.


– All orders come with a regular DVD at no charge.
– USB Thumb Drives are $20
– Blu-Ray’s are $10
– M-Disc DVDs are $15

You can learn more about our M-Disc DVDs here.

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