Have you heard of M-Disc DVD? Likely not. We are the only photo, document scanning business to offer this revolutionary new DVD. What is so special about M-Disc DVD anyways? M-Disc DVD has been tested to last over 1000 years. Your typical DVD lasts only around 8 years. You may ask why would I want to store my photos or documents for 1000 years. We all know new technology is always around the corner do you remember the 5.25 inch floppy or even the 3.25 inch floppy disk? They were unreliable and now a dead storage form. The real benefit to M-Disc DVD is that your photos and documents will outlast you and even your children. Therefore, your photos and documents will still be around to be transferred to the newest storage medium.




M-Disc DVD is also resistant to humidity, light and temperature resistant unlike conventional DVDs and CDs.

Do not ever think short-term storage for your precious memories choose JW Digital Archiving to scan your photos or documents to M-Disc today.

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