Why not just scan my own photos or documents?

First off it is summer time. Who wants to be cooped up in their house scanning photos and documents all night or even all weekend long. Enjoy your summer vacation at the beach, at the cabin or just relaxing outside with the children.











Lets say you want to scan 500 pictures or documents, it will cost you:

• 40 monotonous hours of scanning (5 months if you dedicated 2 hrs/weekend)
• About $250 for a decent quality scanner like the EPSON V550.

Let’s face it your children don’t want to scan your photos, your grandchildren don’t want to scan your photos and neither do you.

That’s where JW Digital Archiving comes in. We will gladly scan hour photos we are professional and confidential so there is nothing to worry about. We do all the scanning here in Regina not over seas.

Give us a call at 306 539 5590 or email is at [email protected] today.

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