M-Disc DVD is the longest lasting DVD ever. M-Disc DVD has been tested by the US Military as well as NASA (source) the US Military has given the M-Disc a rating of a 1000 year lifespan. Data is written to an M-Disc into a rock-like layer unlike conventional DVDs which uses a dye like layer.

M-Disc DVD your data engraved in stone Regina

Mdisc dvd nasa

“As to that thousand-year claim, the U.S. Navy will back that up. It tested M-Disc DVD+Rs along with archival quality DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW, subjecting them three times to an 185-degree, 85-percent humidity, full-spectrum light environment for 26.25 hours. Every DVD failed—except the M-Discs, which suffered no noticeable degradation.” M-Disc Review PC World. 

Upgrade to M-Disc for only $20

You would probably be very upset if you lost your photos or documents in a fire or flood. After we scan and backup your photos or documents onto an M-Disc DVD you can store your photos and or documents forever safely in a waterproof / fireproof lock box or even a bank box.

Add M-Disc DVDs to your document, photo scanning or VHS transfer order for an additional $20. Your files will last forever, as long as you do not lose your M-Disc DVD.

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